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Brit medals
In this display are service and campaign medals along with service regiments(left) and a key to the medals awarded to this soldier of the 2nd World War. 



medals usa small

This fallen soldier, a proud Irishman, served in various 2nd World War campaigns in the USA Army and received numerous medals for Bravery and Heroic achievement, including "The Purple Heart" Medal, shown top-right of this wonderful display.



medals with spurs small
This magnificent display shows a proud soldier's achievements from the First and Second World Wars.  Included are Regiment badges, a bullet and shrapnel removed from the soldier - wounded in battle and a pair of his Spurs from a Second World War Irish Horse Brigade.



medals volunteers small
This display proudly depicts memories of Yester-year in Ireland



soccer medals small
Soccer medals and memories from a bye-gone era



Chain of Office sample medals small
A Chain of Office for an outgoing IUNVA Post 9 President A selection of Irish Military medals and badges



Handpainted cartoon
A handpainted cartoon for a birthday gift



all Ireland Ladies Champions

A signed County sports shirt and Medals of the     "All-Ireland" Intermediate Ladies Football champions



Ladies GAA Jersey presentation

A  GAA signed sports shirt, presented to their manager on behalf of the Ladies team



This hand-carved pipe originated in South Africa. It is set against a rough linen mount and framed with a leather clad moulding, with a gold-studded edge.

This hand-carved pipe originated in South Africa. It is set against a rough linen mount and framed with a leather clad moulding, with a gold-studded edge.


 Triathlon suit

 This sports suit is a presentation display made on behalf of the "Trialks" team who entered a recent Triathlon, raising funds for the Pieta House charity.

The frame is set and recessed in a Dove grey mount at the back, with a double mount of the same colour at the top. Note the coloured flashes, bottom right, complimenting the company colours...



The second commission by our client, a collector of fine American Cadillac vehicles. This pencil sketch was created from an original photo, and framed with an antique white double mount and a black Ash moulding.



This commission by our client, a proud owner of this 1950's BUICK SUPER was for an impressionist print of the vehicle. The unique style and originality of the framed piece certainly compliments such a fine Automobile!!

The print is set into an antique white double mount and a neutral black open-grain moulding. 


Hand finished mountboards

FRAMED FOR LIFE have now developed a unique range of hand-finished mountboards in various textures. These fabrics certainly enhance any artwork and have an eye-catching appeal.


GAA sports jersey
This Irish GAA sports Jersey, was last worn nearly 20 years ago. It is raised within the frame, enhancing the 3D effect by casting deep shadows internally. The double-mount also incorporates a window for the caption in this dedication. The finished frame was presented by the original owner on the occassion of a very special celebration.... "Dad was thrilled !! "



child monk Lady with Pearl Earring
FRAMED FOR LIFE were proud to be commissioned for the framing of these truly spectacular original paintings. The artists were from India, and their attention to detail is obvious even to the un-trained eye. The identical frames that we used, have a black leather finish with a gold studded inner lip - which adds definition to the paintings. Back at our client's home, they dominate the high walls of the reception area(right). Both paintings measure 1500 x 1200mm (5' x 4')

 These two beautiful pencil sketches were created by highly skilled artists, and the detail truly reveals the beauty of the children. The identical frames were created using a classical antique-white double mount and a silver-grey embossed wooden moulding, finished with a studded inner lip.



A concept frame incorporating background image to highlight the antique Boomerang.  The item is "shadow-mounted" into the frame.


The seven acts of mercy

This high quality (Giclee) print was recently entrusted to us for framing. Although reduced in size, the clarity of the print still retains the detail from this Italian painter of the 16th-17th century.

The original painting measures 390cm x 260cm (150in x 100 in.)

The Seven Acts of Mercy, is an oil painting by Italian painter Caravaggio, circa 1607. The painting depicts the seven corporal works of mercy in traditional Catholic belief, which are a set of compassionate acts concerning the material welfare of others.

The painting was made for, and is still housed in, the church of Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples. Originally it was meant to be seven separate panels around the church; however, Caravaggio combined all seven works of mercy in one composition which became the church's altarpiece. (Read more...)


This valuable, limited edition print (125 only) was brought to our studio by its very proud owner. The poster is signed by many of the combatants who competed at the UFC 120 mixed martial arts event at the O2 Arena, London 2010.

The framed poster measures approx 110cm x 90cm!

simon presentation-1 simon presentation-2

FRAMED FOR LIFE were recently asked by the Midlands Simon Community charity to frame this sports Jersey, signed by Glenn Whelan, a member of the Irish International football team.

The fund-raising event raised over €600 for the charity!!

Congratulations to the winner of the competition, Dympna Kearney, pictured here (left) with her prize. Also pictured (right), Mary Doyle, Dympna Kearney,  Noel Broderick and Tracey Fallon.

Read more about the Midlands Simon Community here...

tin-tin posters 
These famous "Tin-Tin" posters look fantastic together back at our client's home after framing by us. What is interesting to note here is that a special Non-reflective glass was used in these frames allowing each of the artworks to be clearly displayed without any reflection from the outside window. (Image courtesy of L. Moran

antique jug display 

This frame incorporates an antique milk jug. It was entrusted to FRAMED FOR LIFE to create a display as a wedding gift. The recess is lined in a dark blue suede cloth as well as the back of the frame. An off-white, conservation quality mountboard was used for the top double mount and the capping moulding of the frame, is in a raised ornate gold profile.

Originally, the jug was part of a tea-set given also as a wedding present over 100 years ago and has now been passed on to yet another generation.

A beautiful wedding gift.


FRAMED FOR LIFE were recently invited to display a selection of our works at the National IUNVA Conference. The displays included Military and sports medals,  a Chain of office and Medal presentation awarded to the outgoing Post 9 president, a pair of  handcuffs dating back to the American civil war, and other memorabilia including a beautiful display frame of a Waterford crystal and silver letter opener.

In the photos (L to R): The display table, Members of Post 9 Athlone and Post 20 Muillingar, being presented to Brigadier Gen. Ahern, A proud Military piper: Sgt. Lacy (4th Western Brigade, Athlone), and John Gorman also of Post 9, a Veteran of UN missions including the Battle of Jadotville, Belgian Congo in 1961

Such a wonderful band of Brothers. Viva! IUNVA, Viva!

A Proud Blood donor displays here, two awards for his contributions to the Irish Blood Transfusion service.

The double aperture mount is  finished on the inner lip with an antique silver coloured edging with the top mount enveloping both images. The Frame is of a smooth black finish and the sight-edge has a complimentary silver piping.

bronze opener 

 In this display frame is an item cast in bronze.

A simple display but the method of construction shows no signs of supports and gives the visual impression that it is actually suspended in "thin- air", as shadows can be seen all around the item.

letter opener 
 This beautiful display-frame supports an elegant letter-opener made of silver with a handle of Waterford crystal. It is recessed and lined in a dark grey suedette and finished on the inner lip with a pewter coloured edging. The top double mounts are in pure white with a "Linen" textured surface finish.

mona lisa 

A print re-produced and displayed in a frame complimenting one of the world's most famous paintings... 

british empire collection 
FRAMED FOR LIFE  were recently commissioned by a client from the U.K. to display-frame two commemorative pieces. A gold spoon, certified in the register of the British spoon collection and also a limited edition, pure 9ct. gold "Half Crown" coin. On either side of the items are their original certificates of authenticity. The spoon and coin are set into a recess lined with a dark blue suedette and each window is edged with a gold trim. The double mounts are of pure white with a "Linen" textured surface finish. The frame encapsulating the display is formed of a Gold and grey Moulding.

wedding memorabilia

A truly magnificent wedding and wonderful memories.

 A three-dimensional display incorporating memorabilia from the occassion, built into various recessed silver-grey windows and the top raised double-mount edged with an antique silver inlay.


iron man medals
 A proud Ultra-distance athelete here, celebrates in these two displays above, the culmination of three International Iron-Man triumphs (top) as well as many other Marathon running achievements.



Film posters 

 A collector of a different genre' recently contacted us, having seen the framed travel posters on the website and requested that these two posters be framed in a similar style. The "Chinatown" poster had previously suffered paper fatigue having been stored in a folded state. This print was sent to a paper conservator for restoration and was adhered to a Japanese paper using a 10% Starch paste solution and light re-touching with inks took place along the crease lines. Both prints were hinged with an archival quality tape and mounted onto a conservation grade mountboard. The frames are also created from a black ash moulding and glazed with a diffused glass to improve viewing clarity and minimize glare and reflection. The finished size of these wonderful framed and restored posters measures approximately 1200 x 800mm.

african mask 
This intricate piece is a miniature face mask, hand carved and brought back from South Africa. The mask is mounted into a recessed shadow frame to enhance the  object and the window mount is trimmed with a bronze inlay to compliment the dark wood of the mask. 


vintage posters 
These magnificent vintage travel posters were recently entrusted to us for framing. The owner, a passionate collector also knew of our passion for conservation framing and travelled many a mile from Connemara in order to deliver them to our studio. The posters are hinged with a linen based archival tape and mounted with an antique-white coloured, conservation grade mountboard. Each frame is created from a black ash moulding and glazed with a diffused glass to improve the viewing clarity by minimising glare and reflection. The finished size of each frame measures 1250 x 850mm.

This proud long-distance runner celebrated in this display, a collection of medals culminating in the achievement of 100 marathons.The medals are recessed in both windows and lined with a bronze inlay, shown enlarged (right).

Papal blessing
A Papal blessing beautifully framed in a soft cream moulding with an antique white double-mount, proudly presented by the family to their parents, celebrating the occassion of their 50th wedding aniversary. 



A small but very personal display of Military memorabilia. The pocket from the tunic is framed within its own window, the Irish flag proudly attached to the pocket. Cap badge above the service medals, the U.N. badge is centred and the regiment badges below. The frame is lined on the inside with camouflage material and the items are mounted onto a rough linen faced mountboard.



A re-framed military display

of family memories

(see the restoration process)



antique receipts 

 This beautiful double aperture display comprises two very old receipts, the lower one is dated 1913.

Both receipts are encapsulated in a clear plastic envelope for conservation purposes and are raised on a hidden platform to enhance the items and are proudly displayed in the owners local butcher shop.


 This is the second Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) display proudly made for the Post-9 division Out-going President in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

January 2012

 (see the presentation photo)

double frame
This double canvas was painted by a very creative artist which required the construction of two window frames and an outer frame



This restored and re-framed photo

is a proud family memory.

(see the restoration process)


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